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Get To Know The Bear’s Paw Naples Club Amenities

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Are you thinking twice about becoming a member of the Bear’s Paw Country Club? If you answered yes, then getting to know the amenities they offer might just convince you to push through with your decision. If you have done your research already, then you probably know that the country club offers a premier location at the center of Naples, providing you a new home that is not too far away from the other busy parts of the state. Following are the most exciting Bear’s Paw Naples club community and club information.

Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course

One of the things that Bear’s Paw takes pride in is offering their members with a whole lot of activities to do. Just take a look at their beautiful golf course. In case you did not know, it is a restored Signature Jack Nicklaus golf course. You will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful golf course in the whole of Florida. And what’s great is that you will get the opportunity to play in this one-of-a-kind golf course anytime you want, all year around.

Casual and Fine Dining

Steve Corio is the executive chef at Bear’s Paw Country Club. His goal is to always provide you with a plate full of surprises and excitement. Whether you want casual or fine dining, you will surely satisfy your appetite with every meal. There is a Signature Sunday Brunch in which you can enjoy the light and healthy meals. You can also join a luxurious dinner, where you can taste of some of the best wines in the world.

For a more relaxing night, you can visit Nicklaus Grille Room & Bar. This is where you can grab a light lunch, enjoy a group dinner and taste some of the home-made favorites. You can also expect the menus to change regularly, so you always have something new to look forward to.

Social Clubs

There are plenty of social activities you can join at Bear’s Paw Country Club. These activities are organized by the Administration both for the older members and their children. You can join a variety of social clubs where you can learn new hobbies, make friends, or simply chill out in a relaxing afternoon.

Other than golf, you can play other sports including tennis, fishing, kayaking, and boating. You can also join a club where you get to play cards or mahjong with other members.

There are also different events to be excited about including trivia night, Easter egg hunt, New Year celebration, holiday dinners, season kick-off, and annual farewell dance.

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Private Fitness Center

Bear’s Paw Country Club prioritizes the health and wellness of their members. This is done by offering a Private fitness center where members can get their daily dose of exercise under the guidance of professional fitness experts.

The fitness center is equipped with everything you need to stay in tip-top shape. Strength machines, free weights, and cardiovascular equipment are all waiting for you. You can also enroll in special programs and classes and take part in group exercise activities.

Boat Docks

Along the Gordon, River sits the members-only boat docks. It gives you access to the Gulf of Mexico. Here, you can join recreational activities including kayaking, fishing, boating, and stand up paddle boarding.

As you can see, there are plenty of Bear’s Paw Naples club amenities to be excited about. These should make you feel compelled to make an investment in the country club. It has everything you need and more, making it an outstanding location to grow your family.


Introducing recommended YouTube music PV being played around the world

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Because of YouTUbe which is used all over the world, there are music and PV that are popular all over the world.
There are also many surprising music PV such as there are some videos that have been played more than 1 billion times in total.
I’d like to introduce some of them.

Source: 100,000 on YouTube,

Super popular music PV played more than 000 times (Western music) – NAVER summary 1 place PSY – GANGNAM STY

1 place is this. A cumulative number of views over 2 billion times! It is! It is a bit unbelievable figure.
This is like a very famous music producer in South Korea. I am surprised that your father is a major shareholder of DI.
It seems that it became a super star with a huge hit mainly in Western countries worldwide, but in Japan somehow there is not much publicity.

It is the reason why it did not get prevalent in Japan, but in the first place the epidemic of Japan is a bit off the
world or even if it hits all over the world it is often said to be unnamed in Japan.
The popularity of Western music itself is a slightly downward fire as it is a long time ago.
Another reason is that PSY himself did not promote promotion in Japan too much.

When a song hit in the world hits in Japan, it seems that there
are many cases where the artist appears on Japanese television programs and it is often the case that it will be a big factor.
In that sense, I feel like I have not thrown away the influence of TV yet.

I think that listening to music on YouTube is also good, but recently there are many people listening to music on radio programs.
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